Find out the right way to get your
property Rented!

Rented! takes the hard work and stress out of the property management process and shows new (and not so new) investors how to develop an investor mindset, secure the most suitable tenants, create property appeal, manage your legal responsibilities and rent out your property in the quickest possible timeframe.

Running through the five stages of property ownership and management, Rented! takes you from the purchase of your investment property to the realisation of your return:

  • Stage 1: The investment decision
  • Stage 2: Setting up your new investment property
  • Stage 3: Productive and efficient management
  • Stage 4: Transition
  • Stage 5: Realisation of return

Whether you are planning on managing your investment yourself or trying to find the right property manager, Rented! equips you with the knowledge you need to increase the rental return of your property investment portfolio.

When it comes to real estate investing buying your property is only the beginning.

While profit can be made in the purchase of your investment property, the greatest property returns are created through smart property management.

Your ability to find and secure the right tenants, minimise vacancy periods and maximise your rental return can have a significant impact on your success as a property investor.